III. The revival of the Shadow

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-12-2019

With the Light Temple, which is located deep in the Ash Woods, as its center, a religion that worships Ka had flourished across the tapestry of time. The earliest group of believers was the Light Servant, later they left the woods to seek out more believers while trying to find successors to protect the Light Temple.


The Kaists knew how horrifying the War of Shadow was, so their goal was to uphold the tentative peace of this blessed world and to purge remaining Shadows from Luxiusm. The Kaists used Artifacts to purify the corrupted and brought peace to humanity.. Some of the Kaists could even use their mastery over the Current to cure diseases. Their creed and abilities made them very popular amongst the people, who helped them develop even further and earned them many new believers.


Kaists used relics of altars and temples from the First War of Shadow to practice Kaism and as gathering points. They worshiped Ka and also the Guardians. Kaists also gathered once a year around the Light Temple to show their respects.


As the time went by, the seal on the Jar of Shadow began to weaken. But the Ever Light prevented the Shadows from escaping.


However, all the Shadows needed was a chance, a single miscalculation to slip back into the world and spread the pestilence of its corruption across the world again.


11011 E.L. 

A powerful earthquake sundered the Ash Woods with the guidance of fate’s cruel fingers, loosened the Jar of Shadow. Enoch, a Light Servant, saw the loosened seal while he was doing a routine patrol. Curiosity drove him to look inside the jar. All he saw was a pair of red eyes and the abyss inside. The Shadows took him and molded him into the first Shadow Servant.


Enoch extinguished the Ever Light so that the Shadow could escape from the seal. Unleashed, the Shadows rushed out and subsumed every last Light Servant, twisted them into Shadow Servants.


The Kaists who were gathered around the Light Temple were also corrupted. Just like a plague, as those Kaists returned to their homes, they brought the caress of the Shadows with them.


Enoch established the Order of Shadow to worship and serve the Shadows. He became the first High Priest of the Shadows. Enoch also organized an army called The Shadow Legion composed of corrupted humans and beasts toward a final goal of conquering Luxium.