II. The Life of Gyee

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-12-2019

In the world of Luxium, the newborns of each species will absorb energy from the origins of their races’ lifesource. Ka gifted Luk'ur with the power of Light to make them stronger. What Ka didn't foresee is that the power of Light had combined with the lifesource of Luk'ur and formed something new entirely: a golden light shines in the eyes of this new breed of being while they use their power to control the Current. This embodiment of the power of Light earned them the name "Kayee," the sons of Ka. Luk'ur was created that both genders are needed for reproduction just like most of other living entities. About one out of twenty newborns were Kayee.


The unique energy in Kayee made them attractive to each other, able to exchange energy through Soul Connection and form partnerships, allowing Kayee to create bonds and become Soul Mates. Some say that if two Soul Mates released all of their energy, they will cause a tremendous Current explosion.


Luk’ur had been living in Luxium, creating their own culture and civilization. The Guardians and the beasts moved into the woods where Luk’ur could hardly find them. And the Loong still inhabited the isles which are located in the eastern ocean.


After ten thousand years, the First War of Shadow faded into legend, the Guardians and the Loong only existed in on scripts and totems, and the name “Luk’ur” could only be found in ancient texts. Now they go by a new name- Mankind.


They only traces of this era’s mythical origins are found in the name “Kayee,” which, over time, is how the term “Gyee” came to be by way of mispronunciation.


Generation after generation, the ability to control the Current had been lost to most of mankind; only the Gyee still possess this power because of the Light in their blood.