Christmas All the Way in GYEE

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-12-2019

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Christmas All the Way in GYEE!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the land of Luxium is abuzz with holiday cheer!

Show us how YOU think GYEES would celebrate Christmas. Send us your most creative fanart in any form - image, video, gifs, comic art, fan fiction stories, etc! Let your imagination run wild!

Of course, we would like to set a couple of ground rules. All submitted artworks must be your own - no plagiarism please.

If you are submitting fan fictions or comic arts, please make sure to use English. Also, please do not plagiarize stories and comic texts.

Lastly, please make sure to stick to the Christmas theme to increase the chance of your entry being chosen.

We will personally choose the best Fan Art Entries three days before Christmas and send the winners various gifts! Details as following
1 Grand Winner to get the best gift, which includes 3 Fabulous Gift Code as well as a $100 gift card for either the Google Play Store or iTunes App Store
3 Runner-Ups to get the amazing gift, which includes 1 Spectacular Gift Code per person
10 Honorary Mentions to get great gift, which includes 1 Wonderful Gift Code per person

Thank you in advance for your participation. We look forward to see what you have in store for us! Do surprise us! Good luck and may the best GYEE fan art win!

Event period: 11.29 to 12.22