I. The First War of Shadow

Source:Gyee Official Website Date:12-12-2019

100 B.L. (Before the Light)

Upon the arrival of Ka, the Lord of Light, the Shadow had long since infested the world, its only purpose: to corrupt all that lived in the world. The Shadows sapped the energies from all creatures corrupted and withered before offering that which they had drained from those they hollowed as an offering to the Lord of Shadows. They invaded world after world, rendering lands sallow and the living ruined, before leaving what remnants remained to perish in the ashes of their past.


Ka intended to purify this world with Light.


He created a new species in his own image to fight the Shadows. This new creature was named “Luk’ur,” otherwise known as “the Son of Light.”


The beasts of the land had separated into two factions, one that rejected the Shadows was willing to use their power to resist the corruption.


Ka purified those beasts and gave the power of Light to the four Guardians- Garuda the Crane, Mokaru the Whale, Mona the Wolf, Dara the Tiger.


Ka also found that this world contains an enormous amount of energy. He built temples at the intersections of energy that transformed them into the Current. The temples were called “The Current Nexus,” with seven of them being the largest- the Fire Nexus, the Mine Nexus, the Earth Nexus, the Woods Nexus, the Water Nexus, the Arcane Nexus, and the Light Nexus.


Some Luk’ur need the Artifacts that were crafted by Ka to control the Current. Others who were born with the ability to control the Current were called the “Current Binder.”


Luk’ur and the Guardians fought with the Shadow from place to place. The allied force built altars to purify the beasts and seal the Shadow.


68 B.L.

Dracula, the Bat Lord, was sealed away by Garuda the Crane and Hawk, one of the leaders of Luk’ur, in the Star Woods.


54 B.L.

Kraken, the Sea Monster, was sealed away by Mokaru the Whale and Pearl, one of the leaders of Luk’ur, in the Broken Toe.


30 B.L.

Naga the Hydra was sealed away by Mona the Wolf and Todd, one of the leaders of Luk’ur, in the Red Waste.


11 B.L.

Moccus, the Giant Boar, was sealed away by Dara the Tiger and Tyrone, one of the leaders of Luk’ur, in the Ash Woods.


1 B.L.

The allied force surrounded the last of the Shadows in the Ash Woods. What remained of the Shadows had converged together, mustering what power they had left to form the Kel- substantialization.. No matter what the allied forces tried, they could not seal away this amalgamation of Shadows.


That was until Qing, the king of Loong, finally arrived and broke the deadlock. The four Guardians seized the opportunity to defeat Kel with the Current Circle while Qing was constraining Kel with Current. Ka then sealed Kel in the Jar of Shadow.


The allied forces built the Light Temple around the Jar of Shadow. Luk’ur and some beasts were commanded to protect the temple, and soon became known as the Light Servant. The Light Servant made sure that the Light always shines in the temple to prevent Kel from breaking the seal.


1 E.L. (The Era of Light)

After the banishing the Shadows from the world, Ka left this blessed world, which he christened “Luxium,” the World of Light, with its protectors: Luk’ur, the sons of Light, and the Guardians.