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Water Flux Support

The noble, melancholy, and solitary god in the deep sea

Huge WaveNormal Attack

Triton summons sea waves, dealing M.DMG to 1 enemy unit equal to M.ATK *73%, and inflicting 1 stack of [Deepsea Nightmare].
[Deepsea Nightmare]: while the effect is active, takes Poison M.DMG equal to the caster's M.ATK *15% per round. This effect can stack a max of 3 times and lasts 3 rounds.

Passive Effect
When casting [Huge Wave], if enemies outnumber allies, heals the ally with the lowest HP for M.ATK*30%.

Blessing of OceanAdvanced

Triton grants the sea water with holy power, healing 1 allied unit for M.ATK *77% while purifying all burn-type DOT effects and 1 curse type effect on the target.

Passive Effect
Increases the Healing Done of [Blessing of Ocean] by 12%.
When casting [Blessing of the Sea God], if self's HP is lower than 70%, heals self for M.ATK*50%.

Intoxicating FogUltimate

Triton releases intoxicating fog, inflicting the [Intoxicate] effect on all targets; also channels for 2 rounds, each healing all allies for M.ATK *38%. At the end of the channeling, applies the [Concealed God] effect on self.
[Intoxicate]: While the effect is active, the character goes out of control, lasting 1 round. This effect cannot be purified.
[Concealed God]: When the effect is active, reduces self's DMG Taken by 15% for 2 rounds. This effect can be dispelled.

Passive Effect
Increases the Healing Done of [Intoxicating Fog] by 7%.
When the target is under control, additionally increases the Healing Done of [Intoxicating Fog] by 11%.
When channeling [Intoxicating Fog], applies the [Deepsea Nightmare] effect on all enemies.

Still Waters Run DeepMastery

Triton gains the [Still Waters Run Deep] and [Heart of Ocean] effect at the start of the battle
[Still Waters Run Deep]: increases the Healing Done of Triton's skills by {0}(Fixed Bonus {1} + Mastery Bonus {2}), when battle starts, Triton is immune to the [Deform] and [Cover] effect, cannot be dispelled. When controlled, reduces DMG Taken by 50%.
[Heart of the Ocean]: when this effect is active, if Triton casts [Intoxicating Fog], the [Intoxicate] effect caused will be enhanced into [Out of Wits]. After casting [Intoxicating Fog], this effect will be removed automatically.
[Out of Wits]: While the effect is active, the character goes out of control, lasting 2 rounds. This effect cannot be purified

Passive Effect

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Triton comes from the ocean and was spawned by a mysterious power. No one knows why he exists. They call him the Deep Sea Guardian for the lack of a more specific name, because no one knows what he's guarding.

For thousands of years, legends about him have been passed down from one generation to another. Countless believers have prayed at his statue, but only a fraction of them have actually seen him.

Those who are lucky enough to witness his presence speak of his eyes that are as deep as the ocean and his silence as deafening as the ocean. He chose to remain deep in the ocean and not to partake in affairs of the world, as if he's waiting for his duty to finally start and put an end to a lifelong curse...