GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game


Fire Flux Mage

All the priceless treasures of the world are within his grasp.

Dragon Flame MeteorNormal Attack

Taneleer summons a Dragon Flame Meteor, dealing M.DMG equal to ATK *68% to 1 enemy.

Passive Effect
Alien Flame: Increases the damage of Dragon Flame Meteor by 30%.

All TakenAdvanced

Taneleer picks up all the treasures he can see and tries to steal 1 random shield that can be dispelled from 1 enemy, dealing M.DMG equal to ATK *191% to it. In the Arena, Taneleer will inflict [Theft] on the target when stealing a shield.
Before Taneleer takes action, if any enemy possesses [Theft], Taneleer loses 1 stack of [Dragon Scale]; in this case, if Taneleer doesn't have [Dragon Scale], removes [Theft] from the target.
[Theft]: While the effect is active, transfers 37% of self ATK to the caster. Lasts until the end of the battle or when the caster dies. This effect can be used once by the enemy and it cannot be purified.

Passive Effect
Endless Treasures: Increases the damage of All Taken by 20%.
Treasure Stealer: If All Taken fails to steal a shield, gains [Treasure Stealer].
[Treasure Stealer]: Inflicts a shield that absorbs damage equal to current HP *50%, lasting 2 rounds. When the shield's HP becomes 0, removes the effect. This effect can be dispelled.

Void Star SpellUltimate

Taneleer uses the Eye of the Stars and casts the powerful Void Arcana to summon the sky barrier, dealing M.DMG equal to ATK *360% to 1 enemy.

Passive Effect
Void Grip: Increases the damage of Void Star Spell by 15%.
Star Defense: If Void Star Spell's target survives, gains 3 stacks of [Dragon Scale].
Void Explosion: If self HP is full when Void Star Spell is cast, this skill is guaranteed to launch a critical hit.

Dragon's GreedMastery

Taneleer's P.ATK also affects his skill damage, and it can cause the same effects as his M.ATK, including the P.ATK obtained from titles and the Arena. The sum of P.ATK and M.ATK is called ATK. These effects don't need Mastery to take effect.
As a Draconian Collector, Taneleer possesses hard scales and powerful treasures. He is immune to [Stun] and [Taunt]. This effect will be removed once he dies.
Increases Taneleer's damage by {0} (Fixed Bonus {1} + Mastery Bonus {2}). This effect cannot be dispelled.
At the beginning of the battle, gains 6 stacks of [Dragon Scale].
In the Arena, when Taneleer possesses [Dragon Scale], those attacked by Taneleer and those who deal damage to Taneleer will gain 1 stack of [Dragon Flame Erosion].
[Dragon Scale]: While the effect is active, each stack reduces the character's damage taken by 7%, stacking up to 10 time. Lasts until the end of the battle and cannot be dispelled. Each time the character takes damage and loses HP, removes 1 stack of [Dragon Scale].
[Dragon Flame Erosion]: While the effect is active, each stack reduces the character's Max HP by 7%, stacking up to 5 times. Lasts until the end of the battle or when the caster dies. This effect cannot be purified and will not be removed even when the character dies.

Passive Effect

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Dragon gyees are one in a million because there are not many dragons these days. Most of them stay in the mountains and look for treasures in uninhabited places. They prefer to be by themselves and rarely care about the rest of the world.

Taneleer is an outlier. His desire for treasure brings him out of solitude and takes him into cities as well as the countryside to look for things that interest him.

He is smaller than the rest of his people, so he prefers using his intelligence and some arcana to get what he wants, instead of using brute force.

Being a dragon, he has a lifespan much longer than the rest, to the point where he has forgotten how old he is, even though he is still full of vigor. In his collection, his favorite is a brilliant, Colorful Dragonshard found in Star Woods. He turned the shard into a ring and wears it all the time. He calls it the 'Eye of the Stars'.

Out of his hatred for stealing and robbing, Taneleer, unlike Cannye, who's been eyeing his collection and isn't discrete at all, insists on obtaining his treasures 'through legitimate means', whatever that means...