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Arcana Flux Warrior

Guard Commander of the Fire Nexus,'The Bull of the Shadowhunters'.

Sun SlashNormal Attack

Takashi swings his blade against the ground, using the power of the sun to burn his enemies, dealing Physical damage equal to P.ATK * 91% to 1 enemy.

Passive Effect
Solar Edge: Increases Sun Slash's damage by 30%.

Bull's FerocityAdvanced

Takashi leaps at the enemy with the power of a bull, dealing Physical damage equal to P.ATK *183% to 1 enemy and adding Taunt effect for 2 rounds. This effect can be purified.

Taunt: While the effect is active, the character goes out of control, and launches Normal Attack against the caster automatically, lasting for 2 rounds. This effect can be purified.

Passive Effect

Fierce Power: Increases Bull's Ferocity's damage by 20%.

Stand Forever: After using Bull's Ferocity, adds Oxen Armor effect for 2 rounds. Cannot be dispelled.

Oxen Armor: While the effect is active, redices self damage taken by 30%, and restores 5 Rage when attacked. Lasts 2 rounds. Cannot be dispelled.

Taurus SoulUltimate

Takashi becomes the soul of Taurus incarnate as he swings his blade at the enemy with shocking power, dealing Physical damage equal to P.ATK *415% to 1 enemy and applying self with Taurus Protection and Taurus Fury. If self has 4 or more stacks of Unstoppable and there are 2 or more enemies, the cooldown of Bull's Ferocity will be cleared immediately. This skill consumes all Rage to increase damage.

Taurus Protection: While the effect is active, gains immunity to any control effect. Lasts 2 rounds.

Taurus Fury: Increases the damage dealt by the next attack by 30%. This effect will be removed after dealing damage once.

Passive Effect

Oxen Brute Force: Increases Taurus Soul's damage by 25%.

Potent Possession: Increases the next attack's damage to 50%.

Violent Bull: When Taurus Soul hits an enemy with Taunt, a crit is guaranteed and damage is increased by 30%.

Courageous BullMastery

Takashi does not falter in the face of the enemy. Grants immunity to Stun, Paralyze, and Constraint effects, but when inflicted with Taunt, increases damage taken by 20%.

Takashi gets 1 stack of Unstoppable at the start of battle and before each action. Stackable up to 5 times. Number of stacks will be reduced by half after death.

Unstoppable: The first stack increases ATK by Mastery. Subsequent stacks increase ATK by 10%. Stackable up to 5 times. Cannot be dispelled. Number of stacks will be reduced by half after death.

Passive Effect


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Bull Protection, Fireblade Slaughter.

The Fire Nexus is located within the North Desert. Due to its remote location, the lack of towns nearby, and the difficulty of finding water, it was once considered by the Shadowhunters to be a place that is easy to attack and hard to defend. Unfortunately, the Shadows also realized that fact. Many times over the years, they dispatched troops to attack the Nexus, and every year, the Shadowhunters spent a great amount of manpower and resources protecting it. The Fire Nexus was even known among Shadowhunters as 'the Gate to Hell'.

However, two years ago, a young commander by the name of Takashi took on the duty of defending the Fire Nexus.

The very day he took the job, he encountered an all-out Shadow attack. With his bulls-head waistguard, bullhorn-shouldered combat uniform, metal bullhorn helmet, and long broadsword, the powerful Takashi looked like a bull god defending the Fire Nexus from the invading Shadows, his slaughter wrathful and punishing, despite their seemingly endless numbers. Takashi's bravery lifted the morale of his fellow hopeless warriors, and together they courageously wiped out all of the attacking Shadows and protected the Nexus. Afterward, using his excellent martial capabilities and sophisticated tactics, Takashi worked with a small group of soldiers to wipe out all of the Shadow strongholds in the North Desert. He became the Hero of the Fire Nexus, and was dubbed by his fellow warriors, 'The Bull of the Shadowhunters'. Takashi subsequently organized many defenses against Shadow attacks, and now the Fire Nexus has become the Shadows' worst nightmare.

With Roderick's election on the horizon, Takashi's countless exploits and his reputation among guards and Shadowhunters have made him the third most popular candidate, with fourth place far behind. Will 'The Bull of the Shadowhunters' become the next Roderick?