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Arcana Flux Ranger

Chief detective of Graci's Detective Agency.

The Punisher of Evil.

Punishing ShotNormal Attack

Santos aims and fires at an enemy, dealing P.ATK *82% to 1 enemy. When a normal attack inflicts a Crit, restores 1 additional Concentration.

Passive Effect
Extend Barrel: Increases the damage of Punishing Shot by 30%.

Punishing ComboAdvanced

Santos slams his hammer quickly, continually shooting at all enemies, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *96%.

When using Broad Suppression tactic, inflicts Penetrating Wound to all targets and restore 1 additional Concentration. When using Focus Firepower tactic, inflicts Armor Shatter to main target. If target already has Armor Shatter, this effect will be lengthened 1 round.

Penetrating Wound: While effect is active, the unit that has it will take Bleeding-type P.DMG equal to P.ATK *50% when taking action. Cannot stack. Lasts 2 rounds. Cannot be purified.

Armor Shatter: Increases P.DMG taken by 15% (does not stack with Basic Vulnerability). Each time an active skill is cast on the unit with this debuff, increases 10% Physical Vulnerability (Can stack up to 55% Physical Vulnerability. This is increased to 65% when large caliber bullets are used. Stacking does not reset duration). Can stack 4 times. Lasts 5 rounds. Cannot be purified.

Passive Effect

Fortified Trigger: Increases the damage of Punishing Combo by 20%.

Large Caliber: Penetrating Wound's Bleeding-type P.DMG is increased to P.ATK *75%. Armor Shatter's basic physical Severe Wound effect is increased to 25%.

Annihilation of EvilUltimate

'This will put an end to your sins.' Santos throws his ultimate arcana bomb at the enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK *401% to 1 enemy. Casting this skill will consume all Concentration. The more Concentration consumed, the greater the damage.

When using Broad Suppression tactic, inflicts Burst Shards on main target and two adjacent targets and has a 50% chance to add Tremble to the adjacent targets. When using Focus Firepower tactic, increases P.DMG dealt by ultimate skill by 25%.

Burst Shards: When duration ends normally, victim takes P.DMG equal to P.ATK *100%. If this effect is otherwise removed, its victim takes P.DMG equal to P.ATK *300%. Cannot stack. Lasts 2 rounds. Cannot be purified.

Tremble: While the effect is active, character cannot cast P.DMG-type skills. Lasts 1 round. Can be purified.

Passive Effect

High Explosive: Increases the damage of Annihilation of Evil by 25%.

Ultimate Sin: Extra damage factor from Concentration is increased to 2x the base value.

Flaming Burst: Normal attacks can force the target's Burst Shards to detonate. If a normal attack triggers a Crit, a series of explosions will result (in this case, it is not limited to whether the target has Burst Shards). Forcibly detonates all enemy Burst Shards. Damage dealt by forcibly detonated Burst Shards is increased to P.ATK *300%. When using Focus Firepower tactic, Annihilation of Evil ignores 25% of target's P.DMG.

Buster of CrimesMastery

Before taking action, Santos will switch tactics based on the number of surviving enemies. Each tactic has different effects. Cannot be dispelled; lasts until the end of the battle.

When there are more than 2 enemies, attack tactic switches to Broad Suppression.

When no more than 2 enemies, attack tactic switches to Focus Firepower.

Graci defends Santos. After the battle starts, self gets Elite Hound; after using ultimate skill, removes Unforgivable and grants Elite Hound.

Note: The Mastery of the above effects does not need to be unlocked for the effects to appear.

As the Buster of Crimes, he will not stop until the target is dead; he is immune to Fear and Paralysis.

All of Santos's damage dealt is increased. This effect cannot be dispelled.

When Graci is exhausted and leaves the battle, Santos will get angry. After Elite Hound is removed, self gets Unforgivable.

Elite Hound: Grants self a shield equal to P.ATK *150%, reduces P.DMG taken by 30%, and deals a counterattack with P.DMG equal to P.ATK *150% upon suffering a melee attack. Casting normal attacks and skills will add Frustration to the target. Cannot be dispelled; before removal, shield amount will not be reset. Shield will be removed once broken but can last till the end of battle. When an attack breaks the shield, there will be no counterattack.

Unforgivable: While effect is active, increases DMG dealt by 18% and grants immunity to all debuffs. After taking action, 1 additional Concentration is restored and a normal attack is guaranteed to crit. Cannot be dispelled and lasts till the end of battle.

Frustration: Reduces DMG by 15%. Cannot be purified. Removed on defeat. Lasts 1 round.

Passive Effect


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Punish the evil, enforce the justice. No perpetrator can escape from him.

In Luxium, if you're ever in trouble, and have no one to turn to. Graci's Detective Agency is a good place to go.

The office is located in the residential lanes of Eversun, clearly signposted. In the office, there is a big man dressed in black leather. Don't get the wrong idea. He's not a security guard or a robber. He is the chief detective of the agency - Santos, a man who can solve all your problems.

Santos usually wears a pair of large sunglasses, a black leather jacket, black tights, a police hat, and a small tie that is out of proportion to his muscular physique (They say this tie has other uses.) And a brown and black hound stands beside him.

"Don't worry, he only bites bad guys."

Santos will take any case, whether it's murder, kidnapping, legal counseling, or extramarital affairs investigations. Although for some reason, Santos is particularly interested in cases involving corrupt aristocrats. After a period of investigation, Santos would personally visit his target with his hound and a large caliber pistol. The next day, there would be reports in the newspapers of a powerful man going insane or having vanished. No matter how the local Defense Force investigates, they won't find any clues about the perpetrator. Over time, this mysterious man became the existence that frightens corrupt aristocrats. People call him the Evil Punisher.

"These are just anecdotes..."

"let's get down to business!"

"Are you in trouble? Tell me..."