GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game


Metal Flux Morph

“Free Bodyshift, Multiple Tricks of Control”

Pray for LoveNormal Attack

Rupor blows a kiss to 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK*104%.

Passive Effect
Increases [Pray for Love]'s damage by 10%.

Hit SingleAdvanced

Rupor takes the microphone and sings, channeling for 2 rounds. Deals true damage equal to P.ATK*50% to 1 enemy each turn and inflicts the [Oppression] effect on it.
[Oppression]: Targets affected cannot move for 1 round. The effect will be removed when [Hit Single] channeling is interrupted.

Passive Effect
Channeling Hit Single cannot be interrupted in the 1st round.
Increases [Hit Single]'s damage by 27%.

Makeup RemovalUltimate

Rupor returns to the backstage and starts to remove the makeup. Consumes 3 Concentration to deal P.DMG equal to P.ATK*98% to all enemies and gain [Backstage], changing the women's outfit to men's.
[Backstage]: Reduces Rupor's damage received by 26% for 2 rounds.

Passive Effect
Increases [Makeup Removal]'s damage by 25%.
[Backstage] reduces more magical damage when [Makeup Removal] consumes 5 Concentration.
Casting [Makeup Removal] grants a 50% chance to gain 1 additional move.

Drag QueenMastery

Each [Makeup Removal] or [Lights on!] recovers HP for Rupor.(healing is related to Mastery skill's level)

Passive Effect

MeasurementsNormal Attack after Deformation

Rupor designs clothes for 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK*130%.

Passive Effect
[Measurements] inflicts 1[Uncomfortable] on the target.
[Uncomfortable]: Each [Uncomfortable] increases the target's P.DMG received by 5% for 3, up to 3 stacks.

Corset Advanced after Deformation

Rupor makes a new outfit for 1 enemy, dealing P.DMG equal to P.ATK*273% and inflicting 1 [Uncomfortable] on it.
[Uncomfortable]: Each [Uncomfortable] increases the target's P.DMG received by 5% for 3, up to 3 stacks.

Passive Effect
Increases [Corset]'s damage by 10%.
[Corset] removes 1 buff of the target.

Lights on!Ultra after Deformation

In the spotlight, Rupor consumes3 Concentration to change the men's outfit to women's, gain the [Superstar] effect and [Taunt] 1 to 3 random enemies.
[Superstar]: Reduces Rupor's damage received by 26% for 2 turns.
[Taunt]: Loses control over the character and deals normal attack to the skill caster automatically, lasting 2 turns.

Passive Effect
Increases the chance of [Lights on!] inflicting [Taunt].
[Superstar] reduces 15% more P.DMG when [Lights on!] consumes 5 Concentration.
[Lights on!] removes 2 non-control debuffs.

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"Welcome to the Rupor Show, where we feel all, do all, and be our true selves! We have 12 girls competing in front of four ranting judges and you, the dear audience! Vote for your favorite new diva, from badass Flora to little Kevin to dead-last Sasha! It's all up to you! Of course I, Rupor, am the only diva for you! Love you all, hugs and kisses! Let's get this show on the road, baby!"

Kids go to the Carnival for games, adults go for the Rupor Show. The bold, avant-garde host never concealed the fact he's Gyee, but he had nothing to worry about from the White Capes because the angry audience will tear them to shreds if they tried anything.

Lupaul and Rupor were twins. Little bro Lupaul was responsible for wardrobe of the popular talent competition, "The Rupor Show", hosted by big sis Rupor during the Carnival. Unfortunately, Rupor died but Lupaul hated the thought of the show being canceled, so he posed as Rupor and continued as its host. His saucy, caliente style made the show even more popular. Now he design his own costumes during the day and becomes Queen Rupor at night to continue his and big sister's dream.