GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game


Earth Flux Mage

Able to control spirits, peerlessly powerful

Thunder FillNormal Attack

Caspar uses powerful Taijutsu to attack enemy, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK *65%.

Passive Effect
Skull Crush: Thunder Fill's DMG +20%.

Curse BurstAdvanced

Caspar smashes the ground and infuses the power of the forbidden curse into it, dealing M.DMG to all enemies equal to M.ATK *138%; also has a big chance of inflicting the [stun] effect on the main target.

[Stun]: While the effect is active, the character goes out of control. Lasts 2 rounds, can be purified.

Passive Effect
Curse Charge: Curse Burst's DMG +15%.
Caspar's Fury: If fails to [stun] the target, then self gains the [Caspar's Fury] effect.
[Caspar's Fury]: While the effect is active, skills are guaranteed to crit, and the DMG Dealt will be increased by 30%. Will be removed after casting Spirit Oppression, can be dispelled.

Spirit OppressionUltimate

Rehoboam enhances Caspar with a Forbidden Arcana. Dynamax Caspar crushes enemy, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK *368%.

Passive Effect
Power of Nirvana: Spirit Oppression's DMG +10%.
Spirit of Taboo: Spirit Oppression deals bonus true damage to the target equal to the remaining HP of the shield created by [Taboo Contract]. (Requires to unlock the Mastery skill first)
Eternal Contract: Spirit Oppression heals self for [Taboo Contract]'s remaining Shield HP *50%, and then obtain the complete [Taboo Contract] again. (Requires to unlock the Mastery skill first)


Caspar, a spirit servant born from nirvana, enjoys Rehoboam's powerful arcana bonus, character`s DMG goes up with the Mastery, can't be dispelled.
Protected by Caspar, Rehoboam gains [Taboo Contract] and [Forbidden Trick] at the start of the battle. When self carries [Taboo Contract], reduces Single-target DMG Taken by 45%, and self's attacks can't be blocked.
[Taboo Contract]: Erects a shield whose HP is equal to Rehoboam's M.ATK *125% (the shield's HP will be greatly increased in the Arena), lasts until the end of the battle; the effect will be removed when Shield HP drops to 0, cannot be dispelled. n[Forbidden Trick]: While the effect is active, ignores the [Sleep] type effects. When self receives fatal damage, gains Death Immunity and removes [Forbidden Trick] before obtaining [Spirit Revival]. Lasts until the end of the battle, cannot be dispelled.
[Spirit Revival]: Removes all controls and debuffs before actions. While the effect is active, ignores all controls and debuffs, gains Damage Immunity and can't be healed, can only use the normal attack Thunder Fill. After using Thunder Fill to hit a target that has been defeated and is revivable, devours its soul, making it cannot be revived;
based on the remaining rounds of [Spirit Revival], recovers a max of 90% HP before gaining [Taboo Contract] again. Lasts 3 rounds, can't be dispelled.

Passive Effect

It's a neat and bright lab, on the marble floor is engraved with an array, and an old man is lying in the center and confined himself with a secret method.

The assistant arcanist takes out a silver knife to cut open his face before putting in four violet worms, and then leaves the room.

Looking at the petri dishes lined up on the table where eyeballs are soaked, and then at the several human skeletons standing beside the wall, he falls into thought.

For decades, he can't remember how many experiments he has done. Transform the human body, create the spirit, fuse the soul, and even bring the dead back to life - all are forbidden tricks. He knows everything and dares to do everything.

His followers regard him as their god, but in the eyes of the ordinary people, he is the devil.

But he feels that he is just a mortal, walking on the path he has chosen, nothing more.

'Adjust the Flux flow environment to Lv.2 shadow environment.'

Oh, Shadow.

Shadow always reminds him of an accident, which changed his life.

And a war, which changed the world.

All these drove him to choose this path and establish the 'Nirvanians'.

Half an hour later, the Shadow Flux wears off. The door is opened, and a spirit servant covered in blue light takes him out of the room in a wheelchair.

'Mr. Rehoboam, are you okay...'

'Not achieved the desired effect. Organize the data and start the lung experiment tomorrow.'

Before the arcanist responds, Rehoboam and the servant have disappeared into the blue light. In the next moment, he has appeared in the study reading an ancient book. The spirit servant is guarding behind him.