GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game


Arcana Flux Mage

“Cat's Eye to Gain True Sight, Cat's Paws to
Deal Explosive Damage”

Ambush CatNormal Attack

Kitty wields the Flux claw, dealing to single enemy Magical Damage by M.ATK*72%, with a chance to mark the target. The marked target is [Reaveled] for 2 round.

Passive Effect
Each [Feline Reinforcement] or [Cat Claw] cast increases the next [Ambush Cat]'s damage by 40%. The effect cannot be stacked.

Feline ReinforcementAdvanced

Kitty fires out a dimensional flux cannon toward 1 enemy, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK*102% with a chance to inflict [Confuse].
[Confuse]: Loses control over the character, and deals normal attack to random targets on the battlefield (including allies) for 1 turn.

Passive Effect
The [Feline Reinforcement] cast grants a [Flux Dome].
[Flux Dome]: Covers damage equal to M.ATK*82%, for 3 rounds.
Increases the chance of [Confuse] triggered by [Cat's Reinforcement] by 15%.

Cat ClawUltimate

Kitty leaps up and pounds her mighty claws, dealing to single enemy Magical Damage by M.ATK*438%.

Passive Effect
Increases[Cat Claw]'s damage by 15%.
[Cat Claw] has a chance to [Stun] the target.
Decreases [Cat Claw]'s mana cost by 8%.

Wait and HuntMastery

Every 2 attacks of Kitty increases the next skill damage(related with Mastery skill's level) and recovers 5 Mana.

Passive Effect

  • Yaen

Wild child don't need sympathy--that's what Kitty always believes.

Albert, a Ka priest and missionary, adopted many Gyee children abandoned by their parents. Kitty was one of them. Relying on his small, agile frame, Kitty often "punished" those who discriminated against Gyee in the middle of night like a feral cat. Albert had tried to correct the behavior to little result, until Kitty showed a great interest in magic, learning many spells from just one of the tomes in Albert's collection.

Kitty followed Albert to Never Isle at age of 12 and officially enrolled in the Magic Academy there, though his mischief never stopped. He and another student, Yaen, have been dubbed the "Prankster Duo" of Never Isle.