GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game


Fire Flux Ranger

Agent employed by White Cape.

Comes from a horde in the northwest of Red Desert.

Precise RayNormal Attack

Gaar takes aim at an enemy and fires a laser. Deals P.ATK * 75% Physical Damage to 1 enemy and gives them a [Surveillance Target] effect.
When Gaar casts [Targeting Ray] while Taunted, he gets 1 extra point of Concentration.
[Surveillance Target]: When the effect is active, damage taken from [Firepower Seal] is reduced by 50% but Gaar will suffer [Incitement] (refer to description for details) effect.
Lasts until battle ends. This effect can only exist once in a battle.

Passive Effect
[Precise Ray]'s damage is increased by 20%.

Special WarheadAdvanced

Gaar fires a special shell at 1 enemy to deal P.ATK * 94% Physical Damage and inflict [Freeze] .
When Gaar inflicts a critical hit when casting [Frost Warhead], 1 extra Concentration is acquired.
[Freeze] : When the effect is active, character cannot use any melee attack skills. Lasts 2 rounds.

Passive Effect
[Special Warhead]'s damage is increased by 16%.
[Special Warhead] additional exposure to the target.
Exposure: in the exposed state, can not enter the invisibility class effect state. Lasts 2 rounds.


A barrel extends out of Gaar's tool chest and unleashes a torrent of ammunition toward enemies.
This skill features [Shared Damage] and deals P.ATK * 374% Physical Damage to all enemies.
This damage is distributed amongst all surviving enemy units.

Passive Effect
[Barrage]'s damage is increased by 12%.
For every 1 Concentration spent, [Barrage]'s basic damage is increased by 10%.
[Firepower Seal] gives Gaar a shield that absorbs damage worth Gaar's P.ATK * 100% for 1 round.


Gaar is a Secret Agent. Increases skill damage effects by {0} (Fixed Bonus {1} + Master Bonus {2}). Before next turn, the number of people on each side is calculated.
When there are more allies than enemies, you get [Agent I].
When the number of allies and enemies are equal, you get [Agent II].
When there are more enemies than allies, you get [Agent III].
When Gaar dies within 7 rounds, adds [Brainwashed] effect to enemy with [Surveillance Target] effect that varies with stacks of [Permeation] on self. This effect can only take effect 1 time per battle.
[Agent I]: All energy is focused into output, increasing damage by an extra 13%.
[Agent II]: Uses discretion. Increases damage by 3% and adds 1 stack of [Permeation]. When Gaar has more than 4 stacks of [Permeation], [Brainwashed] will be added to enemy with [Surveillance Target] when movement ends and all stacks of [Permeation] will be cleared.
[Agent III]: Puts all effort into infiltration. Reduces damage by 6% and adds Brainwashed to enemy with [Surveillance Target] when movement ends.
[Brainwashed]: Causes unit to attack own teammates for 2 rounds. Once the effect is removed, the unit will get a [Brainwash Immunity] effect for 8 rounds.

Passive Effect

An unruly agent who loves singing, dancing and shooting

In the archive of Oathblades, there are documents about every important member of White Cape. Comprehensive and detailed as they are, each of them contains at least thousands of words or even 10 times of that...

But Gaar's document only has several sentences, and... it is written in a weird style:

"Gaar, agent employed by White Cape, male, 25 years old, born in a passionate tribe Tokkaturk. His idol is Tenorkuttarama, the King of Music.

Once a private mercenary, he now serves White Cape's intelligence department 'Holy Eyes' for a super high salary.

This man is cunning and extremely hot. Try to avoid from using violence when you meet him. If violence is inevitable, never hit him in the face..."

Don't tell me this guy sneaked into the archive and wrote this himself?