GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game


Metal Flux Mage

Dancer of BlackFlame City,Muller's toyboy

Elysiann NightNormal Attack

Gany pulls the strings, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK *67% on 1 enemy. First cast applies [Intoxication] effect on the main target.

[Intoxication]: The character is guaranteed to act as the last one, ignoring its speed. Lasts for 2 rounds and can be purified.

Passive Effect
Increases the damage of Elysiann Night by 30%.

Warrior's DirgeAdvanced

Gany's performance brings pessimism to the enemies, dealing M.DMG equal to M.ATK *100% to all enemies, applying [Fatigue] and 1 stack of [Warspite] on the main target.

[Fatigue]: Sleep effect that will be automatically lifted when receiving direct attack (DOT DMG doesn't lift Sleep). Lasts for 1 round and can be purified.

[Warspite]: While the effect is active, deals Shadow M.DMG equal to M.ATK *35% to the character before taking action, stacking up to 5 times and lasting until the battle is over or the caster is killed. This effect can exist on one enemy only at a time, and upon the character's death, will be transferred to a teammate of the character.

Passive Effect

Dead End: Increases the damage of Warrior's Dirge by 20%.
Common Feelings: When having 1 or more Sorrowful Melodies, Warrior's Dirge applies [Fatigue] that lasts 2 rounds.

Dream VariationUltimate

Gany plays the ultimate melody, dealing to all enemies M.DMG by M.ATK *168%. When not bearing [Sorrowful Melody], using skills restores 10 Mana.
When bearing [Sorrowful Melody], turns all Sorrowful Melodies to Serene Melodies. Each 1 stack of successfully turned melody applies 1 stack of [Farewell] to the main target.
[Farewell]: While the effect is active, deals Shadow M.DMG by M.ATK *55% to the character before action, stacking up to 4 times for 3 rounds. Can be purified.

Passive Effect

Chapter of Dream Eater: Increases the damage of Dream Variation by 15%.

Chapter of Healing: Every 1 Sorrowful Melody consumed by Dream Variation restores self 10% HP.

Chapter of Termination: Dream Variation's damage becomes shared DMG.

Six TunesMastery

BlackFlame City Dancer is always ready for performance. His max Mana increases by 20. This effect is effective without unlocking any mastery. Gany is eager to serve his customers with elegant melodies and dance. His damage increases with the Mastery.
Gany is immune to [Sleep] status. The effect will be removed on death.
At the beginning of battle, he has 4 stacks of [Serene Melody]. When using Warrior's Dirge, he is grants 1 stack of [Sorrowful Melody]. Each stack of [Serene Melody] reduces damage received by Gany by 15%, and each stack of [Sorrowful Melody] increases damage dealt by Gany by 10%. The two types of melodies can stack up to 4 times.

Passive Effect

Dance of Fate, Songs of Destiny.

Several burly men, looking solemn, are sitting in a bar in Blackflame City, talking about something. Then a spotlight comes on, pointing at the stage, where an elegantly dressed, somewhat delicate-looking man walks onto it with a large lyre. He has flawless ivory skin and a slim figure, both of which stand out like sore thumbs in this poorly lit and rough bar.

'Anyway, let's watch Gany perform first,' said one of the men, 'it's not something you get to see everyday in Blackflame!'

Another man's eyes widen.

'Gany? Doesn't he belong to Muller?'

Gany was born in a poor Ling Town family, but he was popular due to his ivory skin and cherubic face. When he was 14, Muller, a rich local merchant, bought him as a servant. Several days later, Muller dismissed his personal servant and made Gany take his place. Since then, he has been living an unimaginably rich life, but at the cost of the collar that Muller puts on him to remind him of his identity.

Did Gany leave Muller? Or did Muller let go of Gany because Muller found someone new? Gany is a famous performer in Blackflame these days, as everyone is intoxicated by the way he plucks his strings and moves his body...

Except for the pair of eyes full of vengeance in the back corner...