GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game


Wood Flux Support

Furry Hound with the power of thunder.

Wants to reclaim his past and his memories.

Lightning ChargeNormal Attack

BeeNic wields the power of lightning and attacks the enemy at a speed invisible to the naked eye. Deals Magical damage equal to M.ATK *81% to 1 enemy and inflicts 1 stack of Chain Lightning.

Chain Lightning: Upon reaching 3 stacks of Chain Lightning, Stuns target and clears Chain Lightning. Cannot inflict more stacks of Chain Lightning upon targets that are already Stunned. This effect is not removed on death, cannot be dispelled and lasts until the end of battle.

Stun: Unable to move for 1 round. Can be purified.

Passive Effect

High Volt Bolt: When Chain Lightning reaches 2 stacks, enemy is stunned.

Temporal InfusionAdvanced

BeeNic gathers temporal energy and enhances his teammates, restoring M.ATK *68% HP for 1 teammate and 25 Mana/1 Concentration/20 Rage.

Passive Effect

Enhanced Metabolism: Increase healing by 30% and restores an additional 5 Mana/20 Concentration/5 Rage.

Tensile Strength: Adds an additional Guaranteed Crit effect to target.

Guaranteed Crit: Next active skill damage guarantees Critical Hit to the target. Removed upon triggering critical hit. Otherwise, lasts until battle ends.

Chrono FieldUltimate

BeeNic sprints at full speed, manipulating time and restoring M.ATK *85% HP.

Adds Temporal Energy to all targets and grants Time Reversal to main target.

Temporal Energy: Increases base Crit DMG by 20%. Cannot stack. Can be dispelled. Lasts 2 rounds.

Time Reversal: Reduces damage taken by 20%. Upon taking action, converts 30% of damage taken during Time Reversal to healing. If unit with this effect dies, then it will restore panel HP *1.2 HP. Can be dispelled. Is not lost upon death. Lasts 1 round.

Passive Effect

Energy Burst: Base Crit DMG is increased to 25%.

High Energy Field: When Time Reversal ends, grants Energy Diffusion to all teammates.

Energy Diffusion: Increases DMG by 10% for 2 rounds. Can be dispelled.

Air Shock: Time Reversal can no longer be dispelled. Increases user's P.ATK by 15% and won't take damage while taking action.

Mysterious AmnesiacMastery

BeeNic wields the power of time and lightning. When battle begins, he gets Thunderbolt, Recall, Time Travel, and Timebound.

Thunderbolt: Immune to Delayed and Cover until battle ends. Cannot be dispelled.

Recall: Increases direct healing BeeNic grants to allies. After battle begins, every time round refreshes, restores 25% lost HP for self and restores HP equal to M.ATK *70% for the ally with the lowest HP. Lasts until battle ends. Cannot be dispelled.

Time Travel: When battle begins, BeeNic gets 1 stack of Power of Time. Stackable up to 3 times. Lasts until battle ends. Cannot be dispelled. During battle, if own HP falls below 60%, grants Divinity effect. This effect has a 2 round cooldown. Lasts until battle ends. Cannot be dispelled.

Timebound: When PVE begins, if ally Alcander is alive, BeeNic will take 1 point of damage every round (only takes effect when BeeNic has more than 1 HP) and increases BeeNic's M.ATK by 2%. Also increases Alcander's P.ATK by 2%. Stackable up to 5 times. Lasts until battle ends. Cannot be dispelled.

Power of Time: while the effect is active, increases own movement speed every round. Stackable up to 3 times. Lasts until battle ends. Cannot be dispelled. God: while the effect is active, grants immunity to effects that cause character to lose control as well as debuffs for 1 round. Cannot be dispelled.

Passive Effect

Time-wield hound of thunder, in search of his past and future.

In the northern part of Luxium, near the Yggdrasil. A large number of White Capes escort a dozen Gyee captured from their hometowns, taking them to the White Capes' eastern base. They plan to try the Gyee publicly and execute them in order to send a message to the region's residents.

However, something unexpected gave the captured Gyee hope.

"A ray of light! Half of the White Capes disappeared!" A rescued Gyee cried.

This beam of light turned into a bolt of lightning after destroying half of the White Robes. In the blink of an eye, half of the White Robes were gone, ruining their plans!

In the middle of this bright light at its center stood a Furry hound. Possessing a sturdy and strong figure, a large and fluffy tail, a pair of ears standing at attention next to a striking gray hair in the middle and a pair of large goggles underneath, his face bears no discernible expression. No one knows where he came from - he has appeared out of nowhere to rescue the captured Gyee.

Perhaps it's true what they say: with great power comes great responsibility. This individual has lost his memory. Not only is his past a blank to him, but so is his identity. He only remembers his name: BeeNic.

He also remembers a vague yet firm goal.