GYEEthemed RPG Gacha Game

Yan Shu-Chi

Arcana Flux Support

A healer of all ailments and possessor of foes that
can claim an addition round of action.

WitchcraftNormal Attack

Yan Shu-Chi uses witchcraft to 1 enemy and deals Magical damage equal to M.ATK*53%.

Passive Effect
[Witchcraft]'s damage is increased by 30%.

Spirit PowerAdvanced

Yan Shu-Chi transfers his spirit power to 3 allies, restoring the major target's HP by M.ATK*86%, the second target's HP by 75% of that and the third target's HP by 50% of that. Simultaneously inflicts [Senpai's Love] on the major target and [Monster Power] on all targets.
[Senpai's Love]: During the effect, gains [Leopard Essence] in priority. Automatically removes itself after [Leopard Essence] changes its major target.
[Monster Power]: During the effect, takes Magical damage equal to caster's M.ATK*11% each round, stacking up to 3 times, lasting 3 rounds. This effect cannot be purified.

Passive Effect
[Spirit Power]'s healing is increased by 11%.
[Spirit Power]'s healing to the second and the third target is increased to 85% and 70%.

Enchanted SoulUltimate

Yan Shu-Chi's soul frees itself from his body and gets into 1 ally's body, restoring the target's HP by M.ATK*136% and self HP by M.ATK*116%. If the target has already acted in that round, allows the target to Re-act immediately, but the healing this time will be reduced by 50%. Simultaneously inflicts [Soul Erosion] on the target.
[Soul Erosion]: During the effect, takes Magical damage equal to caster's M.ATK*25% each round, stacking up to 3 times, lasting 3 rounds. This effect cannot be purified.

Passive Effect
Healing by [Enchanted Soul] is increased by 8%.
[Soul Erosion]'s damage over time is reduced to self M.ATK*15% each round.
When [Enchanted Soul] is used, if self Mana is more than or equal to 85, purifies 2 random debuffs of the target.

Leopard EssenceMastery

At the beginning of each round, inflicts [Leopard Essence] on the ally with the lowest HP.
[Leopard Essence]: During the effect, absorbs {0} (Fixed bonus {1} + Mastery bonus {2}) melee damage for the character, lasting till the whole round is over.

Passive Effect

  • LinHu
  • Likulau

PC game Nekojishi authorized character.

Originally a leopard spirit, he came to this world after possessing Yan Shu-Chi's body.

After coming to this world, he began to quickly collect information. After learning of the existence of the Gyees, he discovered that he was one of them. However, due to his cautious nature, he did not immediately join them. Instead, in order to live a peaceful life, he cast his lot with the Kaist Church. His amiable character earned him the admiration of others and he quickly found his place within the church.

Although his days in the church were relatively stable, he found no way to truly enjoy life, and he gradually became dissatisfied. Finally, he left the Kaist Church and came to Never Isle. Before leaving, he delivered upon the Light of Purity a grand and glorious betrayal, inflicting serious damage to the Sword of Light's reputation.

This feat earned him some degree of respect on Never Isle. He used this newfound reputation to begin living a comfortable and unconventional life on the island.